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Meet Arisa

arisa loves…

anything that involves the salty ocean air. She thrives off of adventure, holistic living, and storytelling. Her passions lie in educating others about sustainability and using imagery as a tool for inspiring change.


Arisa Yoon is a brand photographer and environmentalist passionate about promoting sustainable change through digital imagery. She works with brands, such as Prana and LifeProof, to shoot campaigns that empower others to care about the planet and themselves. She currently resides in the sunny Wrightsville Beach of North Carolina, but finds herself traveling all over the world in order to foster a deeper connection to our worlds oceans. Her professional career began in 2014 shootings portraits, and has expanded to combining her love for photography and degree in Environmental Science to pursue a meaningful career.

Arisa believes that her passion for our world’s oceans lies on the very foundation that people protect what they love. So, when she’s not shooting, you can find her lounging on the front porch of her beach bungalow, surfing out front with friends, or teaching yoga.

Whether shooting portraits, weddings, or brands, she believes in telling a story. Let’s chat and find yours!