Do you only represent sustainable brands?

Of course not! I shoot a variety of brands and products. But it’s a plus if you are ; ) When it comes to collaboration/partnership, I am very specific about who I personally represent, but when it comes to shooting, you do not HAVE to be a sustainable brand.

How long does it take to get my photos back?

This varies by project. A smaller project-anywhere from 5-7 business days. A larger project-anywhere from 1-3 weeks.

I’m scared you might be out of my budget…Should I still reach out?

YES! I am always willing to work with my clients. This being said, I pride myself in putting my whole heart into each and everyone one of my projects. Photographers tend to be undervalued in the industry, so we always appreciate clients that trust and respect our pricing.

What do you shoot with?

Canon. My body is a 6d Mark ii, and I use my 50mm and 24-70mm lenses.

Do you host workshops?

I plan to this year! : )

Any other questions?

Feel free to shoot me an email or we can meet up for a cup of coffee : )